The easiest thing to do is watch this short Xero training video and make your life and your accountant’s life so much less stressful. For one thing you wont have to hunt for documents when it comes time for year end accounts or VAT returns, secondly you wont need to store bundles of paper for 6 years just in case the tax man asks, and finally (I shouldn’t say this) it should cost you less in bookkeeping fees! 

The key stages you need to follow are:

    1. Choose a well lit place to take your pictures
    2. Position your phone camera so that you get the biggest image you can – the accountant needs to be able to read whats on the document!
    3. If your camera allows, choose Tap to Scan to turn the .jpg into a .pdf file. Make sure the image is legible.
    4. Once you’ve created the image, in Gallery (Android), select the image and share to your Xero App which is hopefully already on your phone!
    5. Check that its going to File Library and press send in the top right hand corner. 

Provided ALL of the above steps have been completed satisfactorily, send the image on your phone to the recycle bin and send the bit of paper to the round bin in your office or shred it.

How satisfying is that feeling?

Remember too that if you want personalised Xero Training just get in touch