At first glance Live Your Business Live looks as if it’s missing some punctuation.

Live Your Business Live is a simple concept and one which is really important for growth businesses. Many don’t use their financial information strategically, simply seeing financial information as a government requirement to be met and delivered on once a year. Maybe that’s all those business owners want, but we find growth businesses want and need much more than that.

What is Live Your
Business Live?

John’s insight into what the service is really all about.

So the whole thing about Live data is that it is critically important to doing business in the future.

One of the companies we have been talking to is developing their systems to get Live data about jobs so they always know time spent and their costs when their team goes home at night. That is how important it is to have your eye on the money and on the other results.

When you work with us on a Live Your Business Live project, we will change how you see your business and the results you get simply by changing YOUR focus from the past to the future.

We only do 3 simple things for you:

  • Make your information quicker and current.
  • Help you use your software and information strategically and explain what it tells you.
  • Work with you and your directors to use your numbers for future facing discussions and targeting.

It will change how you see your business and turn growth into a financial return.