Have you ever paid attention to the socks that people wear? Have you ever been sitting on the bus and admired the vibrant multi-coloured footwear of the man sitting opposite? Or been surprised to discover that the woman in the staid black business suit is wearing a pair of flowered socks underneath those bootleg-cut trousers?

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’ll agree with me that it’s all about the socks!

Expressing Yourself Through Your Hosiery

Ask anyone who chooses uncharacteristically characterful hosiery and they’ll tell you the same thing – in a world of business, they like to take the opportunity to express their individual personality and flair. Once you know this, it’s easy to see. The guy who wears a pair of Cookie Monster socks with his sensible brogues – he’s got a great sense of childlike humour. Someone who wears a pair of bright red and yellow striped socks with a traditional grey three-piece is telling the world that he’s a larger-than-life individual who wants to stand out from the crowd. They want to bring life to a world of business that can be all-too-tedious and boring – and who can blame them?

The NGM Difference

That’s what we believe here at NGM. We’re all about bright colours. Grey and black aren’t for us – we’re here to breathe new life and vibrancy into the world of business and the advice we give to our clients. Unlike other accountants that deal in the traditional, we take an exciting new approach, making sure that we match our advice to your lifestyle and the ambitions that you have for your business.

Taking The Relaxed Approach

We know that accountants have to be professional, and we’re certainly that. We wouldn’t dream of giving you advice for your business that isn’t based on our solid understanding and in-depth knowledge of your industry. However, unlike our competitors, we believe in taking our shoes off from time to time.

Have you ever taken your shoes off at your desk and wiggled your toes? Glad to be free of the discomfort that your smart workday footwear causes? Just because you’re revealing your colourful socks to the world, it doesn’t mean that you’re taking off your suit and throwing on your favourite jeans and tee! It just means that you want to wind down and enjoy a little relaxation. That’s the approach that we want to take when we’re giving you financial advice.


Our advice and relationship style isn’t as buttoned up or formal as that of our competitors. We’re not afraid to let our colourful socks show – after all, we know that you’re wearing your favourite polka dot hosiery too!


We understand that having a conversation with your accountant can be as appealing as going to the dentist, but when you come to NGM, we can guarantee that you won’t find any of that stuffiness or formality that you’ll get elsewhere. Instead, you’ll just find me, being me. Yes, I’m professional, but I’m also friendly and my socks are just as bright and colourful as yours – let’s both unleash them on the world together!